Who we are (and possibly why)

Derek Davis and Linda White moved up from Philadelphia in 2000 to live among the trees of Sullivan County, PA. We bought 10 acres of rocky hillside largely covered with hemlock and containing a house invisible from all known roads. We called our little spot LickHaven because a meander of Lick Creek visits its western edge.

We like it here. We like the people, the roads, the views, the lifestyle, our house and, yes, the trees.

Derek writes and edits. He’s been working on a new novel, a screenplay with his daughter, Caitlin, a couple old novels, another screenplay–in general, word puttering.

Linda has been a potter for many years. At LickHaven, she was able to get out of a dank city basement and move into a workshop with windows in all directions. She has also built a wood-fired kiln.

Together, we do a lot of stuff for the Sullivan County Council on the Arts, which puts on historical plays (Derek does much of the writing, Linda directs), gives prizes and awards to kids in visual arts, writing and theater, and generally tries to boost local aesthetic awareness.

We’re been together for 42 years. If we’re together for another 42, we’ll become a scientific oddity.

  1. #1 by hmurrow on March 17, 2016 - 12:36 am

    Could you supply your email addy? I want to respond to your generous post on Clayart today.

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